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Media on Holidays Act Remediation Programmes.

You may have read information in the media about our Holidays Act Remediation Programme.  The information is in response to an OIA request asking for a breakdown of spend on consultants working on the programme.  

In total, Te Whatu Ora has paid approx. $25 million to professional services project support across all programmes and to the date the projects: 

  • have carried out an in-depth review of the payrolls  
  • have identified areas of non-compliance 
  • are working with payroll providers to reconfigure payroll systems 
  • are identifying the policies and processes which need changing to ensure future compliance, and 
  • are calculating if the payments made to staff for leave are accurate. This requires a line-by-line review of leave payments made to the 270,000 current and former employees who are covered by the work.

This is a mammoth task. Health is one of New Zealand’s largest workforces and this is a significant body of work, with an estimated 270,000 current and historic employees covered by Holidays Act remediation projects, and more than 20 payroll and rostering systems impacted. 

Although there is no set date for the completion of work of this scale, all projects should either have made a payment or be on the pathway to make a payment by 30 June 2023 for staff who are current on the payroll in the weeks before the payment is made. Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand is committed to ensuring all its employees receive accurate leave entitlements in the future and paying any monies owing as soon as possible. 

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