Licensing and Host Responsibility

Applying for a new liquor licence or renewing your licence?

Go to your local council’s website to download the liquor licence application documents. The DHB and local Police will also review your application.

We will consult with the District Licensing Inspectors at the council. Part of our review includes doing a risk assessment based on your previous history, location, and other information supplied in your application. All the information we require is part of the application form provided to you by the Council. If we require any additional information we will contact you using the contact details that you provided in your application.

Email or phone us us if you have any queries:  06 834 1815

Host Responsibility

Host responsibility is all about creating responsible drinking environments. As part of licensing all licensed premises need to have a Host Responsibility Policy. We work with licensees to assist them with developing their Host Responsibility Policies. We also do Host Responsibly visits to premises to monitor their enforcement of the policies.

Host Responsibility is based on six key concepts. A responsible host:
1) Prevents intoxication
2) Does not serve alcohol to minors
3) Provides and actively promotes free drinking water, low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks
4) Provides and actively promotes substantial food
5) Serves alcohol responsibility
6) Arranges safe transport options.

Resources - guides and templates

See here for other host responsibility information and guides for Frontline Bar Staff and Creating a responsible Drinking Environment in particular.

Guidelines for schools

Objecting to a licence

If you're concerned about a proposal for a licensed premises (such as a bar or bottle shop) in your neighbourhood, you can make a formal objection to it.

For further information refer to: