Pharmacy contracts

If you are intending to establish a pharmacy in the Hawke’s Bay district, please first contact the Primary Care Directorate of Hawke’s Bay DHB to check on the availability of a new pharmacy contract.

The Hawke’s Bay DHB Community Based Pharmacy Services in Hawke’s Bay Strategic Direction 2016-2020 outlines our plan to investigate the development of quality framework for assessment of new community pharmacies into the Hawke’s Bay region through minimum quality standards; to ensure high quality, safe, value-for-money, and patient-centric service delivery.  Until the quality framework and associated policy has been developed, there will be no automatic guarantee that applications for a new pharmacy contract will be granted and pharmacy providers should consider this before committing to any investment in new pharmacy outlets in Hawke’s Bay.

Pharmacy/Pharmacist Contract Policy consultation

Hawke’s Bay DHB is consulting on the draft Pharmacy/Pharmacist Contract Policy and associated quality framework. You can read the consultation letter here and associated documents below: