Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy contracts

If you are intending to establish a pharmacy in the Hawke’s Bay district, please first contact the Primary Care Directorate of Hawke’s Bay DHB to check on the availability of a new pharmacy contract.

The Hawke’s Bay DHB Community Based Pharmacy Services in Hawke’s Bay Strategic Direction 2016-2020 outlines our plan to investigate the development of quality framework for assessment of new community pharmacies into the Hawke’s Bay region through minimum quality standards; to ensure high quality, safe, value-for-money, and patient-centric service delivery.  Until the quality framework and associated policy has been developed, there will be no automatic guarantee that applications for a new pharmacy contract will be granted and pharmacy providers should consider this before committing to any investment in new pharmacy outlets in Hawke’s Bay.

Hospital pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department provides a supply, dispensing and clinical pharmacy service for hospital inpatients, wards and departments located in the Hawke's Bay Fallen Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Wairoa Health and Central Hawke's Bay Health Centre (located in Waipukurau) as well as other District Health Boards.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Clinical pharmacy is about managing the patient's medication therapy in order to maximise effective treatment outcomes and minimise adverse effects. Pharmacists achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Advising on drug selection, dose, route and treatment duration
  • Monitoring for drug interactions and incompatibilities between prescribed medicines 
  • Overseeing therapeutic drug monitoring for selected agents 
  • Advising on patient adherence (issues affecting how well patients take their medicines) 
  • Reporting suspected adverse drug reactions 
  • Advising on how a patient’s medical condition/s may affect response to a specific drug therapy

Pharmacists are also involved in the discharge process, including counselling patients on the correct use of their prescribed medication. Pharmacists are assigned regular wards enabling them to build relationships with other health professionals on the patient care team, and spend most of their day there. However they are rotated through the specialty groups, providing plenty of variation.

The department also provides support for clinical drug trials. Staff are involved in preparing and reviewing clinical guidelines and supporting implementation of the Hospital Medicines List (HML) and are active on a number of committees involved in the day to day running of the hospital including the Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Infection Control and Palliative Care Committees. The Team Leader-Clinical oversees the Clinical Pharmacy service.

Medicines Information

Clinical pharmacists answer queries on medicines therapy for medical, nursing and allied health professionals as well as the general public. Staff also give lectures and some participate in the provision of training programmes for other staff. The Team Leader-Clinical oversees the Medicines Information service.


The dispensary supplies prescribed medicines to hospital inpatients from medication charts faxed from the wards. Charts are screened for appropriate prescribing, legality and supply issues, keyed through the Pharmacy computer system, packed, labelled, checked and distributed to the wards. An imprest supply system operates on the wards and clinical areas. Frequently used medicines are supplied by the dispensary according to an imprest list and replenished at regular intervals by pharmacy technicians or the pharmacy orderly. A limited range of prescriptions are dispensed for outpatients where these are not subsidised through community pharmacies (community funded medicines may be dispensed from local community pharmacies). The dispensary also supplies medication for patients in the Home IV service. The Dispensary Co-ordinator oversees dispensary operations.